The USEFUL journal is the official publication of the USEFUL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE INC. (a/k/a UAECS).

The USEFUL journal provides an opportunity for anyone to stay current with the engineering and computer practices and trends in education and research.

The published papers may be useful for scientists with a deep interest in practical technology and engineers who have a strong understanding of basic science and can use it to create new technologies.

The USEFUL journal encompasses a range of specialized fields of Engineering and Computer Science such as Construction, Management, Technology, Materials, Energy, and the Environment.

The Engineering Science part of the journal focuses primarily on using insights to create, model, and scale a suitable solution to a problem or purpose.

Another part of the journal about Computer Science has the broadest range of computing topics. It focuses primarily on computing's theoretical aspects (application technologies, software methods, and system infrastructure), leaving the more applied topics (and organizational and architecture issues) to other disciplines.

The role of the journal is the advancement of researches and technical reports related to engineering and computer science as well as:

- Encourage research, development, and refinement of theory and applications of engineering and computer technologies for understanding and practice.

- Encourage teachers and researchers of engineering and computer science to experiment with and test appropriate teaching techniques and topics to improve instruction and courses' quality and modernization.

- Stimulate the preparation for articles and papers on topics of interest to the membership.